Wide-coverage sprinkler machines

Currently, wide-coverage sprinkler machines are the most popular irrigation equipment in Azerbaijan. This type of irrigation system is used mainly in agricultural fields, and, as its name implies, covers wide areas under crops. Sprinkling irrigation machines are low both in financial and labor costs, while their commissioning and start-up are carried out in a very short time. Wide-coverage machines have greater capacities and are better suited for the process automation, which makes them a more advantageous choice. Correct adjustment of the automation settings ensures the proper distribution and economy of water.

Wide-coverage sprinkler irrigation machines are used both on even lands and the lands with a small slope angle.

There are five categories of wide-coverage sprinkler irrigation machines:

  • circule (center-pivot) irrigation machines;
  • multi-zone machines;
  • linear move (lateral) irrigation machines;
  • corner irrigation machines;
  • hippodrome-type sprinkler irrigation machines.

The most popular category in Azerbaijan is the Pivot center system (circular irrigation machine).

The advantages of the sprinkler irrigation machines are:

  • wider wheelbase for better structural stability;
  • most of the load on the towers is absorbed without being transferred to the water supply pipe;
  • reduced component fatigue increases the system's operational life;
  • special design for better flow of water throughout the tower and reduces damages to tall crops;
  • the smoothness of movement is increased enabling better performance;
  • lower investment expenses compared to irrigation networks;
  • automatic control through electronics;
  • different adjustable water feed modes.