İrrigation systems

Choosing an appropriate irrigation system is an issue that concerns everyone who wants to purchase and install an original, and most importantly, a quality system. In fact, this is a problem which cannot be solved without competent expert advice, since there are a huge number of similar systems and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its functional purposes. With all that, it is also necessary to take into account the size of the area on which the irrigation system will be operated, the type of soil, and climatic conditions. Further, when choosing a system, great attention should be paid to the types of crops. And that's only part of all nuances one should take into account when deciding in favor of an irrigation system.

Design and installation of such systems by non-specialists often leads to additional financial expenses, crop losses, and often necessitates the replacement of the entire irrigation system.

Thanks to the competent approach of the Company's specialists, the customers are given the opportunity to increase the yield by two or three times.  The right approach to the method of irrigation allows us to take in the harvest even from an area that is generally deemed not suitable for agricultural purposes from an agronomical point of view.  The use of modern irrigation systems offers such tremendous opportunities, as the ability to control not only soil moisture but also plant nutrition, winterization, etc.

AgroSpace LLC provides equipment supply, as well as design and installation services, along with the technical support for irrigation systems of any type and level of complexity, used for any agricultural crop.


Also, AgroSpace LLC provides the services for design and installation of:

  • automation systems for irrigation systems and greenhouse complexes
  • semi-autonomous and autonomous energy systems
  • security and communications systems
  • monitoring systems for large-scale irrigation areas and greenhouse facilities

AgroSpace LLC provides technical support even after the expiry of the warranty period on delivered equipment.  Besides, close cooperation with more than 130 agriculturists from all over the world allows each of our customers to request agronomic support and be sure about the seamless execution of the orders.  The wishes of the customers are the main driving force of our company, while the quality of offered and delivered services is the key to their future success.