AgroSpace LLC is an active participant in international and local markets for innovations and technologies related to irrigation systems and greenhouse complexes. The Company has a wealth of experience in development and projects with different levels of complexity.

The main areas of activity are design, engineering, competent technical support, innovations in the field of irrigation systems and greenhouse complexes.  

The list of offered modern irrigation solutions includes:

  • Irrigation systems:
    • Wide-coverage sprinkler machines
    • Drip irrigation systems 
    • Sprinkler irrigation systems
    • Hose-reel irrigation systems
    • Combined irrigation systems
  • Industrial greenhouse complexes
  • Pump stations and filtration plants
  • Artificial water bodies for irrigation systems
  • Automation systems for irrigation systems and greenhouse complexes
  • Monitoring systems for large irrigation areas and greenhouse facilities

AgroSpace LLC cooperates closely with European, US, and Israeli companies, providing its customers with high-tech and high-quality solutions, along with innovations that give many advantages to the customers in equipment operations. These advantages are highly effective in economic as well as technical context and ensure perfect environmental safety.

The Company's strategy is to employ a holistic and ambitious approach towards customer requirements and introduce flexible technological solutions taking the Company's partners to the next qualitative level of technology and services, and enabling them to meet all demands.  The activities of AgroSpace LLC is not limited to the cooperation with only one supplier; on the contrary, the Company is constantly expanding the offered range of products and widening its partnerships with innovative companies, recognized world leaders in the production of systems for irrigation and greenhouse complexes.  As a result, our company can offer a warranty on the products of the world's foremost manufacturers which we supply.

The partners of Agrospace LLC are:

  • Netafim — Israel's leading drip irrigation company, which is also one of the world's leading greenhouse solutions providers.
  • Nelson Irrigation Co (USA) — a leader in the production of irrigation sprinklers
  • RKD (Spain) — one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of wide-coverage sprinkler machines.
  • OCMIS IRRIGAZIONE (Italy) — a world leader in the production of hose-reel type irrigation machines, as well as a leading manufacturer of wide-coverage sprinkler irrigation machines.
  • Scova Engineering (Italy) — a leading manufacturer of diesel pump stations for irrigation systems.