Water reservoirs

Although Azerbaijan is a country rich in water resources, natural water sources are found not in all territories adjacent to agricultural fields. In addition, the amount of water in most rivers and lakes in our country depends on the time of year, shallowing during summertime. This simple reason renders impossible the existence of uninterrupted water supply sources for providing the gardens, orchards, and fields with the necessary level of moisture. In such situations, the best solution would be creating water reservoirs.

The creation of water reservoirs for irrigation requires certain knowledge and skills, though, at first sight, this looks quite simply. However, the design of a water reservoir should take place with due consideration given to the design of the whole irrigation system. Everything should be designed one-time and not before or after, as it often happens. Before deciding on the size of the future w water reservoir one should take into account its location and determine in advance how and/or from where water will be delivered to the reservoir and what irrigation system will be used (drip, sprinkler systems or machines), as well as how many cubic meters of water will be used for irrigation purposes. All said nuances should be taken into account since each of them plays a substantial role in terms of the planning strategy for the water reservoir.

The next stage is the geologic study of the soil. The layout marking is done only after this stage. If the figures obtained during the study fall within the normal range, the pit is excavated and the soil is compacted along with waterproofing finishing. Upon completion of said works, the specialists of AgroSpace conduct the test filling of the reservoir.