Hose-Reel irrigation machines

To date, hose-reel irrigation machines represent one of the most simple and effective irrigation techniques. During the recent 50 years, these irrigation systems had received the recognition they deserved and spread rapidly worldwide, while their technical characteristics have been in the process of constant improvement thanks to the cutting edge developments and materials.

The main advantages and differences of these machines distinguishing them from other watering equipment are:

  • They are highly mobile, as have the wheels for transportation and supporting legs for installation in any part of the field's level areas.
  • They are characterized by versatility, multi-functionality, and ease of operation inherent in these types of irrigation systems, enabling them suitable for the use in any farms for cultivation of all types of crops.
  • Hose-reel irrigation machines have a robust construction that ensures their long service life (more than 15 years). Their maintenance also does not require large expenses.

The characteristics of hose-reel sprinkler systems also ensure their multi-functionality, making them suitable for many agricultural applications. Thanks to the possibility of adjustment of irrigation parameters, such systems such additional abilities as irrigation of gardens and vineyards, melons and gourds (watermelon, melon, pumpkin and others), cereals (barley, wheat, rye), vegetables (onions, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and etc.), high-stalk crops (soybeans, sugar beets, corn, sunflowers, etc.), along with annual and perennial fodder grasses.

Hose-reel irrigation machines are used in a wide range of applications, covering nearly all types of irrigation: aeration, warming, vegetative, extra nutrition, provocative, charge watering, and humidification irrigation. The water flow rate can be set from 50 to 1000 cubic meters or more per hectare and is regulated through the speed of the winding of the hose by the reductor, as well as by means of the sprinkler's nozzle, the diameter of the spray nozzle on the console, the volume of water and pressure delivered to the machine's inlet from a pump station or other water source.

The machine is mounted on a chassis with wheels. It sprays water through sprinklers. The sprinklers are mounted on the hose, which is wound around the reel (drum). When the hose is wound or unwound, the chassis slowly moves through the field and the machine irrigates the field.