Greenhouse complexes

The greenhouse business is very popular in Azerbaijan. For a long time, the residents of suburban villages have been cultivating a range of crops in hothouses. However, the greenhouse business is actively displacing hothouses currently, reflecting the high dynamics of the development in this area.


Setting up greenhouses

With the right calculations and professional approach to the establishment of greenhouse farming, greenhouse business can pay very well for itself and be highly cost-effective. AgroSpace always helps its customers with solutions to this problem. We offer integrated solutions of our partners to the investors intending to invest money in the greenhouse business. These solutions include:


Turnkey ready greenhouse complexes

At the customer's request, our company can deliver the projects on a turnkey basis. We ensure the full conformity of the complex to the customer's requirements. The systems of heating, irrigation, curtain, climate control, and any other systems necessary for the successful implementation and effective operation of the project are essentially integral components of delivered complexes.


The heating system and the CO2 (carbon dioxide) intake and distribution system

The greenhouses we build always are equipped with an integrated (inbuilt) heating system for control and equalized the distribution of heat throughout the greenhouse. At the same time, the fire gases emitted during the greenhouse operation are used for the production of carbon dioxide, which is an important component for the optimal growth of plants.


Screen systems

Curtain systems are required for the solution of the following issues: shading, energy-saving, blocking the outward transmission of the assimilation lighting (so-called "light pollution"). The curtain system can be installed in all types of greenhouses. They can be of horizontal, vertical, internal or external, single or double as well as combined design. The delivered systems are maximally integrated into the greenhouse structure in a manner that allows reducing the shading effect to the lowest possible level.


Cultivation technologies

Each project has its own unique and optimum cultivation technology. This depends on the specific conditions and cultivated crops. In our projects, we use both vegetative and aluminum trays, flood benches, and different hydroponic and aquaponic systems. At times, we recommend to the customer to use heated floors with the ebb and flow flood system. In very rare cases, a customer may use the technology of growing seedlings in the soil inside the greenhouse. In any case, our Company always selects the most optimal system and technology that can meet the requirements of the customer.


The system of assimilation lighting

In all cases, increasing the yield of different crops can be achieved only through the competent use of the assimilation (cold) lighting that artificially prolongs the plants' daily ripening period. At present, the emphasis is placed on special LED lamps. Assimilation lighting allows for year-round growing and ripening of a wide range of crops. A properly designed assimilation lighting system accelerates the growth of plants and increases the crop yield significantly, having by this direct positive impact on income levels.


Irrigation system - reuse of water

Today, the problem of the use of water resources within normal limits has become a social problem and an urgent agenda throughout the world and in any society. Our Company also understands the importance and urgency of the issue. The computer-controlled "intelligent" irrigation systems we deliver ensure the dosed and premeasured feeding of water for crop growth, while the systems of drainage water recirculation allow for the reuse of such water. In closed irrigation systems, we use special equipment for mechanical, chemical and biological treatment of drainage water, which allows extracting the maximum amount of unutilized minerals and micronutrient elements, re-directing them to the roots of the plants, minimizing by this water and fertilizer losses. These systems enable you to save up to 50% of water and nutrient (mineral) sources, turning them into a very important link in the project technological chain.


Climate systems and air handling equipment

Such critical systems and services as heating and curtain systems are regulated through the main climate computer which ensures maximally favorable climatic conditions for the plants and their growth throughout all seasons of the year irrespective of whether it is the day- or night time, summer or wintertime. Controlled by the climate-computer, these systems are also "responsible" for optimal energy consumption. They minimize any possible heat loss.


Electric lines and installations

Regardless of climatic conditions, a properly designed electricity supply system will ensure optimal and uninterrupted operation of all installations in a greenhouse. Taking into account the requirements of the customer and its project, AgroSpace LLC can design the electricity supply system of any complexity.


Logistic systems, sorting and packaging lines

Each project of our company is designed taking into account and following the work processes taking place within a greenhouse. All processes are supported by a maximally automated logistics system which is controlled through a computer. All of this necessitates the internal systems of transportation and sorting, packaging and quality control, storage, and if necessary, the cooling system for finished products and the internal logistics system. All of these solutions are based on the rich experience of close cooperation of our Company's specialists with greenhouse experts from around the world.


Service areas and distribution centers

An important functional center of any greenhouse complex is the service area. Harvested crops enter the logistic chain of the greenhouse complex, where they undergo sorting, processing, prepackaging and packaging, after which they are sent to consumers. When designing the construction of a new complex, our company from the very beginning takes into account possible preferences of the Customer, thereby contributing to the further expansion of its capacities and trying to optimize all processes, including logistics.

Having chosen us, the Customer will always receive professional assistance at any stage of the construction of the greenhouse, regardless of whether it is a functioning greenhouse farm in need of improvement, or just an idea, a sketch in a diary. It is no secret to anyone that contacting specialists at this particular stage of planning is the most ideal option since in this case there is a tangible saving of a lot of time, energy and money.

Given the market situation, we will suggest the most promising crops for cultivation in the region where the cultivation field is located. Our specialists, taking into account the usable area of ​​the field, will offer the most profitable option for greenhouse farming. With allowances made for any possible local force-majeure circumstances, we will determine appropriate depth and type of the foundation, required structural strength of the greenhouse and coating. After performing all calculations, we will design and install important systems that are required for safe and effective operation. In addition to the above, AgroSpace offers the design and installation of monitoring and tracking systems for greenhouses, safety and automation, communication, and semi-autonomous or autonomous energy systems.

Our greenhouses, designed for use under different climatic conditions throughout the world, meet the highest international standards and will set an excellent start for the agribusiness of customers.

To those who already own greenhouse business and intend to upgrade component parts, we also can make lucrative proposals.

Diplomate and certified specialists of AgroSpace, upon familiarizing themselves with the situation first hand and taking into account identified shortages, will prepare an individual update and improvement plan for greenhouse and open-type farming.