Sprinkler irrigation system

In addition to certain water feeding characteristics similar to the sprinkler irrigation machines, the sprinkler irrigation systems have their characteristic functions. Due to their specifics, the sprinkler irrigation systems have the application system analogous to that of drip irrigation systems. Both systems are used in the irrigation of comparatively small fields.

Thanks to exceptional cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the sprinkler irrigation systems gained popularity in a very short time. The sprinklers are used in greenhouses, orchards, vegetable gardens, fields, and lawns. Sprinkler irrigation increases the humidity of the air over plants, thereby reducing the soil temperature. This protects the plants against overheating. Besides, the sprinkler help to protect the plants against frosts.           

There is a popular perception that a sprinkler irrigation system is easier both to design and configure. This would be true only if the customer is not concerned much about the fate of the crops and the land parcel where the crops are cultivated. Installation of sprinklers requires much more responsibility since apart from dimensions of the cultivated area and soil composition, one should take into account how much it is capable to deliver future sprouts, the health level of plantations as well as to forecast the harvest figures and crop quantity for current and future yields. There's a lot of different varieties of sprinklers, for which reason it is imperative to select individually what suits best this or another situation.

In selecting the sprinklers, one should take into account dimensions of the area, where the system will be installed, to ensure full sprinkling coverage. Here the most important thing is not to overdo it. The fields with too many numbers of sprinklers are not uncommon. Firstly, this is a waste of money, and secondly, too much moisture leads to the loss of crop. With proper design and due consideration of the plot and soil composition, climatic data, and the crop needs, a sprinkler irrigation system may be operated for many years.

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