PRECISION YOU NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE Control freaks never had it so good. NetaJet 4G™ offers the highest level of precision fertigation in the industry. With its unique analog dosing valve ensuring exceptionally accurate, consistent EC/pH control, the NetaJet 4G™ produces incredible yields while conserving water, fertilizer and labor. Ətraflı


IT'S ALL ABOUT PRECISION - OPTIMIZE YIELDS WHILE SAVING COSTS. Take control of nutrient dosing and therefore your bottom line! Produce higher yields while conserving both water and labor with this versatile nutrient dosing system. Your crops will get exactly the nutrients they need, precisely when they need them. With Fertikit™ 3G, you control the dosing for soil-grown crops in net houses, open fields, and orchards. Ətraflı


PRECISION FERTIGATION MADE SIMPLE Looking for a cost-efficient, straightforward fertigation solution? FertiOne™is our simplest dosing system, enabling injection of a single fertilizer with ultimate preision. It’s a plug-and-play, fully configurable, simple-to-operate single-channel fertilizer and acid dosing unit perfect for open field sites fitted with electricity. With FertiOne™’s exact delivery of the right amount of nutrients at the right time, precision fertigation is simpler than ever. Ətraflı


WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF PRECISION FERTIGATION Greenhouse growers require a highly precise, reliable open-tank dosing system to get the most out of their crops. Featuring state-of-the-art open-tank dosing, precise EC and pH levels and a modular CE-compliant system, NetaFlex™ 3G ensures exceptionally precise, uniform nutrient dosing, placing nutritional directly control in the grower’s hand. Literally. Ətraflı